E) 出口商

Customer E is a manufacturer exporting products to overseas. E has overseas Sales Agents which place orders via the internet based software and have operators in the China factory to update the production statuses (actual finished quantities) and shipment statuses (actual shipped quantities). China operators also create Sales Invoices, Packing Lists etc with the software. Overseas users (Sales Agents) use the software to view the latest statuses and directly print out Sales Invoices and Packing Lists overseas. It solves the time zone problems where data updaters are asleep when customers overseas just wake up to inquire into the order statuses. Overseas agents of E will also directly enter expenses (tax and logistical costs paid on behalf of customers) vouchers into the system to be reimbursed by central office of E. The software replaces the old way in which users in China and overseas exchange Excel files of statuses/orders a few times a day which are prone to delay and e

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