Processing on Order Factories

D) Customer D is a "Processing on Order" factory" (來料加工工廠) .

D accepts materials from D's customers and manufactures and processes these materials into finished products. The materials have to be marked clearly for individual projects so that left over materials from each project are returned to the customers instead of being used by another project of another customer. The ownership of the materials remains that of the customers throughout the process and it has to be reflected in the accounting books. The internet software helps D keep accurate inventory level of each item and how many of it are owned by customers and how many are owned by D and how many are classified at Work in Progress. D's managers are in HK and the factory is in China. D needs its China staff to promptly record all incoming materials, manufacture orders and delivery orders so as to calculate the exact shortfalls and surpluses in materials. Before the use of this software, they had to rely on stock level updates via emails which are messy and inconsistent and 2 sets of records are maintained with one in HK and one in China.

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