The factory in China does not belong to me. Can I still use your system?

Sure! We can tailor make the system so that the user in China can only see the order details and production/shipment statuses but never see the price and your customers' names and contacts. On the other hand, your customer cannot see which factory you use for subcontracting and how much you paid for it.

My industry has a lot of specific details with each PO item. Can your system cope with that?

Of course, that's why we said we will TAILOR MAKE the software for YOU! We understand each industry and company has specific requirements, so we don't sell you a generic software package and leave you to struggle with it.

Is it dangerous to run my business over the internet?

Our software uses the latest data encryption technology to protect your data against any hackers and our server is protected behind a firewall. Your data is safe with our software. It is even safer than web based solutions. For more information on System Security, see here

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