Multiple Locations/Owners

Borrow/Lend/Move Stock across multiple locations/owners

The software allows you to borrow stock from suppliers or lend to customers easily. Just create a new stock account for the supplier or customer and then enter a "Stock Movement" record.  For example, in the following screen, you borrow Stock from a customer SP-JAPAN (for processing into finished products and deliver back to them). The ownership of the goods was not transferred, so no tax nor import duties needed to be paid.  The goods were sent to WAREHOUSE B. The total net value of the goods was $2,902.5920

Borrow Stock from Customers for processing. Ownership not transferred.

The actual quantities and values of the items being borrowed are specified in the following screen.

item details of the Borrow Stocks transaction

To add an item to the list, just click "Item Lookup (F6)" to bring up the following screen of Item Catalogue. In case of thousands of items, you can narrow the list down by specifying the Category of the items before clicking "Find (F2)".  When the list appears, just double-click on the row to add that item to the Stock Movement Order.

Look up items by Category