Internet Order Tracking System


It helps you better serve your overseas customers by allowing:

your factory in china to directly update their production statuses over the internet overseas customers to view these statuses (i.e. Tooling, production and shipment) in real-time over the internet. overseas customers to directly alter their Order details over the internet. overseas customers to print out PACKING LISTS and INVOICES from their own computers once they are entered by the factory. How?

A server computer is running in the Data Center in HK, always connected to30 the Internet.

Your factory workers in China will connect to the internet (e.g. using modem) and run a simple program to connect to this server. They can then directly update the tooling/production/shipments statuses of your customers orders. The data will be stored on the server computer in HK. Your customers overseas can connect to the Internet (e.g. via modem or broadband) and run another simple program. They will enter their username and password to connect to the same server computer in HK. They can view the statuses of all orders placed by them, in real-time.

No installation needed

The simple programs they use are simple because they are small (less than 1M in size) and run directly without any installation or setup needed.