System Security

Strong Data Encryption

All the data exchanged between the user program and the server are first compressed to a few % of their original size and then encrypted using advanced technology (BlowFish Cipher) before the transmission. Not even your internet service provider nor any routers/firewalls you use will know the real content of the data. This technology has been used by our customers for more than 10 years without any incidents.

Restricted Computers Since this program will only by used by users within your China factories and HK offices, we will maintain a list of authorized computers from which the program is allowed run and connect to the server. Since each computer running windows has a unique Windows ID and each computer connected to the network has a unique Network Card ID (Mac Address), we can use these to uniquely identify each computer running the program. Only computers with IDs on the authorized lists will be allowed to connect to the server. All others will be rejected. Even if a hacker found out your username and password, he could not login using an unauthorized computer. In addition, you can have the server send you an email every time you login to the system. If someone logins using your username, you will be notified.

Restricted IP Address In most cases, your China factory or office will already have a fixed unique IP address assigned by the Internet Service Provider (e.g. China Telecom or PCCW). To add a second layer of security, we can restrict the server to only accept logins coming from that particular IP address. This IP and Computer ID restriction make this internet system as safe as a traditional client/server system running on your local area network (LAN).

One Time Password Verification Of course, we will have the standard username/password verification process to protect the system. A one time password is generated and sent for login instead of the actual user password, which adds a second layer of protection. In addition, any failed login attempts will trigger a warning email sent to the user’s registered email address with the originating computer’s Windows ID and Network Card ID and IP address. To conclude, our solution is highly secured and you can rely on it without any worry.