Catalog Management

The software supports up to hundreds of thousands of items.  At any time, you can search for particular items with a combinations of filters : Brand, Category, Item # and/or Barcodes.

Items Catalogue


You can group the results by Brand and/or Category in an MS Outlook style for easy reading.  If the user has the proper right, he can directly create a new item or edit the Item # and other fields in this screen.

Other users will see your changes in real-time after clicking the refresh button (or F2 Key).


You can maitain the Brands and Categories Lists in the following screen.  Changes in them will be reflected in the Items Catalog after refreshing the data.

Brands Maintenance

Item Brands Maintenance


Categories Maintenance

Item Categories Maintenance

Inventory Management

You can easily move stocks across various branches. You can read more about it here.

The following screen shows the aggregate stock balance of each item and their individual stock balance at each branch.

Stock Distribution Across Various Branches for POS

You can also choose to see the above in Net dollar Values instead of quantity balances.

Our software also has a full featured Inventory Management module. Read more about it here.

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