Different User Access Rights

Each user can be assigned a different level of access rights. You can grant a user the right to open/see certain screens only while some other the rights to also edit the data. The right of a user can be defined in details. The following are just a few examples:

  • A user handling customer ABC can only see data related to that customer but no others.
  • An operation user can only see data fields related to operations only but not price sensitive ones.
  • A data input user is allowed to only input data but not modify nor read data inputted by others.
  • A low level user is only allowed to access data dated within one month of today, not older.
  • Only one user is allowed to update the exchange rates table so any problem in exchange rates must be his/her responsibilities.
  • A user is only allowed to confirm the quantities of stock received but not create a stock movement order.

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