Internet Inventory Software


Multiple Locations

If your business has more than 1 site, you will need our Internet Inventory Management Software even if the second site is actually an outside factory to which you outsource your production (or consign your goods to). With materials and products moved or lent between different sites/warehouses, you need to know the location and balance (both the physical count and the legal ownership count) of each item.


Multiple Ownership

Inventory management can be quite complex when there is more than 1 owner of the goods. Our software can help you calculate how many of each item is physically located at which site, of which how many actually belong to you and how many belong to your customers or your outside factories. At a click of a button, you can see the distribution of stock by quantity across different sites as follows. Inventory Software : Stock Distribution across different sites and ownerships by Quantity

Note the negative quantities under column "Stock from Customer 1"  indicate those items are actually borrowed from your customer and transferred to "Warehouse A". Some of those are later converted to "Work in Progress" and some to finished goods as another item.

The following screen captures is similar to the above but shows the Net Value of each item under various Stock Locations/Owners.

Inventory Software : Stock Distribution across different sites and ownerships by Value


Our software keeps tracks of all the purchases, sales, moving, lending, borrowing, consumptions and productions of all items (both materials and produced products) on all multiple sites/locations. Since it is internet based, records only need to be entered once and all users at various sites can all see the latest figures (You can assign different access rights to different users). The site sending the items enters an inventory movement record (any of the Purchase, Sales, Movements, Lending etc) and the staff at the receiving site can then verify the actual quantities of items received for other sites to see. All data are only entered once. With this software, you no longer need to depend on delayed phone/email replies to your inventory levels inquiries. All figures are accurate and up to date. At the click of a button, you get the balance and net worth of each site and also the combined balance and net worth of all sites. You can even trace the movement of certain items and how they impact on the balance over time. Users at various sites only need to run a small executable program to login to the central server to use the inventory system. All data are stored in the server for common sharing.